Google announces Android Jelly Bean


Android 4.1, codenamed “Jelly Bean,” is the latest version of Android, which was announced by Google at its fifth annual developer conference – Google I/O 2012. Adding new features to the latest version of Android, Google claims to have made improvements throughout the platform. Google previewed it at a conference in San Francisco.

The main focus of the update is in improving the user interface, both in functionality and performance, the latter called project “butter” which uses triple buffering and a fixed frame rate of 60 fps to create a fluid and “buttery” smooth UI.

–>Android version : 4.1 Jelly Bean

–>Announcement¬† : 27 June 2012

Features of Jellybean

  • V sync timing across all drawing and animation done by the Android framework
  • Triple buffering in the graphics pipeline
  • Enhanced accessibility
  • Bi-directional text and other language Support
  • User-installable keyboard maps
  • Expandable notifications
  • Automatically re sizable app widgets
  • Multichannel audio
  • Bluetooth data transfer for Android Beam
  • Offline Voice Dictation

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